Tomato sauce

A simple recipe of natural tomato sauce

Ingredients for 500-600 g of tomato sauce

The quality of your sauce will depend on your tomatoes quality.


Step 1:

Wash the tomatoes.

Remove the hard parts in the pith of the peduncle of the tomatoes.

Did you know? Tomato is one of the fruits and vegetables the most polluted by pesticides. Most pesticide residues are stored in the pith of the tomato’s peduncle. By removing this part, you eliminate a lot of these unwanted products.

Step 2:

Cut the tomatoes into large pieces and put them in a large saucepan.

Step 3:

Place a lid on the pan. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes. The tomatoes will begin to soften and form a puree under the effect of heat.

Step 4:

Blend the tomatoes puree.

Step 5:

Place a mesh strainer on your pan and pour in the tomatoes puree.

Step 6:

Using a spoon, turn the tomato puree in the strainer to get the most tomato sauce in the pan. The contents remaining in the strainer can be thrown in the trash.

People with sensitive intestines can be particularly irritated by eating tomatoes. This sauce should be better tolerated, since most of the seeds and skin are removed. To obtain an even finer sauce, tomato skin can be removed before cooking. Simply immerse the tomatoes for a few seconds in boiling water, they then peel very easily.


Cook the tomato sauce slightly boiling (small bubbles should form on the surface). Do not put a lid on the pan and stir regularly: the water evaporates and the sauce thickens as you stir.

Stop cooking after 15 min (ideal fluid sauce to accompany a pasta dish) or 30 min (thick sauce ideal for garnishing a pizza): it’s up to you to choose the desired texture.

Step 8:

Serve this sauce natural or seasoned according to your taste (salt, aromatic herbs, spices).

This sauce can be stored for 5 days in a fridge in a closed container.

Tips: make tomato sauce pots to eat later ….

Pour the very hot sauce into small glass jars with screw lid and return until completely cooled. Beware of burns ! Use a cloth to close and hold the pots.

During cooling, the pot will become air-empty. Thanks to this sterilization, the sauce can be kept for 6 months at room temperature.

Prefer lids with a small raised portion. It must move in after cooling. When you open your sauce pot, the « pop » of the lid guarantees the proper preservation of your sauce. Once opened, the sauce must be kept in the fridge and eaten within 5 days.

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