Water, an essential need for the body

The human body is 60% water. No wonder then that hydration plays a vital role in health. Our body needs water to transport nutrients to cells, dispose of waste through urine, and regulate temperature and many other processes. Every day, a significant amount of water escapes from the body (urine, breathing, sweating, tears). To be healthy, it is essential to compensate for these losses with a sufficient water intake. These losses are offset by food (40%) and drinks (60%).

The amount you should drink every day

The body’s water needs are specific to a person’s morphology, lifestyle and climate. But in general, the body of an adult needs 1 liter of water per 25 kilograms of body weight. We have seen previously that drinks represent 60% of water intake, so you can use this formula to find your daily needs (adult):

(WEIGHT in kg / 25) x 0.6 = VOLUME OF WATER in liter to bring BY THE BEVERAGES

Example: A person weighing 75 kg must drink 1.8 L of water per day.

It is important not to wait until you are thirsty to drink. The feeling of thirst is not a good indicator of your body’s hydration state: it appears late when you are already dehydrated by at least 1% of your body weight. Remember to drink regularly throughout the day.

It is necessary to increase these water supplies in the following situations: exposure to high temperatures, physical effort, pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness and prolonged presence in an air-conditioned place.

The first signs of chronic dehydration may be dark urine, dryness in the mouth and throat, headaches and dizziness, and very dry skin and intolerance heat.

Which beverage to choose to hydrate?

Water is the only drink essential to the body.

Except in natural form, there are other ways to drink water:

– Hot drinks such as herbal teas, coffee or tea. Just avoid adding sugar.

– Flavored water if you find the water a little bland. Be sure to choose them without sugar. You can easily flavor your water by adding lemon / orange slices or a few mint leaves to give it some flavor.

– Soups with a preference for the less fat and the less salty.

>>> Test my recipe for « Ginger-Lemon Drink »: a good thirst-quenching drink! <<<

Forget about clichés!

– In terms of hydration, it does not matter whether the water you drink is icy, warm or hot, its hydration power is strictly the same.

– Drinking water during the meal does not disturb your digestive system.

In conclusion, you will understand that it is important to drink enough and regularly during the day to keep your body healthy. For lunch and dinner, make water the only drink of your meals!!! Cheers…

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