Eating well without depriving yourself, it possible!

In January, we start a new year and get off to a good start with great resolutions in mind…

If one of your resolutions is to lose weight, do not fall into the trap of express diets that promise to make you lose at least 3 kilograms in one week! Although these miracle diets are indeed very attractive, it is better to think twice before starting… Because not only express weight loss is not sustainable, but they can be dangerous for our health.

The main risks include:

– The yo-yo effect. Unfortunately, when you follow a fast diet, there is a weight loss, but after we often pick up more kilograms than we had lost. Why? Simply because our body, traumatized by the drastic restrictions imposed on it brutally, will store as fat all the calories ingested as soon as we resume a normal diet. It’s like our body remains careful and did not spend all the energy, in anticipation of an upcoming restriction. To worsen the situation, our body gets used to these disturbances, and so the more we do diets the more difficult it is to lose weight.

– Damage to the muscle. One of the main problems of fast diets is that they promote muscle loss instead of body fat loss, while it is in fact muscles that burn more calories. The result is that even if we lose weight, our muscles melt, we move less, and our silhouette loses strength and tone.

To avoid an express weight loss/regain as well as health concerns, it is necessary to opt for a sustainable and long term slimming method rather than the famous miracle diets…

To help you eat well, I offer:

  • Simple, tasty and balanced recipes and nutrition tips on my website

Link to the list of my recipes

Link to nutrition tips

  • Dietary coaching sessions to restore your nutritional balance

Everything you learn in these sessions is applicable all year long: it is not about making efforts for a few weeks, but about being ready to embrace new eating habits.

A single session or a regular follow-up… we schedule appointments according to you and your progress in your objectives, you decide!

Click here for more information…

  • Culinary classes to learn how to cook simple and balanced dishes that you can easily reproduce daily

Combining dietary recommendations and hands-on practice, these culinary classes teach you all tips and advice for eating well on a daily basis. Special themed cooking classes are regularly offered.

Click here for more information…

Now you know all tools available to eat well in this new year!

Hope to meet you!


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