Strawberry jam

A simple recipe of jam

Ingredients for 2 jam jars

  • 500 g of white sugar
  • 500 g of ripe strawberries, fresh or frozen

Frozen bagged fruits found in supermarkets are usually picked at maturity and quickly frozen. A good alternative if you cannot buy fresh fruit quite ripe … it’s also cheaper!


Step 1:

Wash quickly and hull the strawberries. Cut the strawberries into 4.

Step 2:

Put the strawberry pieces and sugar in a large pan large. To avoid overflow, the pan should only be half filled. Mix.

If you are using frozen fruit, put the fruits and sugar in a covered pan in the refrigerator the day before.

Step 3:

Cook the strawberries/sugar mixture over medium heat (5/10 power). Stir regularly: the fruits will soften and release water, the sugar will dissolve in this juice.

Step 4:

When the mixture begins to boil: adjust the cooking power so that small bubbles remain on the surface.

Do not put a lid on the pan and stir regularly: the water evaporates and the jam thickens slowly.

Stop cooking after 15-20 minutes.

The cooking time may vary depending on the heat source intensity, the fruit sugar and water content as well as their maturity. A jam is good to put in jars when a drop deposited on a cold plate does not spread out.

Step 5:

Pour the very hot jam into small glass jars with screw lid and return until completely cooled. Beware of burns! Use a cloth to hold and close the pots.

During cooling, the jars will become air-empty. The jam can be kept for several years at room temperature in a dark place.

Once opened, it is best to keep the jam in the refrigerator for better taste preservation.

If you don’t have glass jars, you can simply pour the jam into a bowl and cover it with a plastic film. It will be necessary to keep the jam in the refrigerator and eating it within 6 months.

What to do if the jam does not have the right consistency?

– Too liquid, the jam must be cooked again. Return the jam to a saucepan and continue cooking to evaporate the excess water.

– Too compact (which can happen if overcooked), the jam must be liquefied again. Put the jam back in a saucepan. Pour a little boiling water and mix to melt the crystals, then cook the jam for about 5 minutes, adding a few drops of lemon juice or white vinegar.

A recipe made with jam… Ice Mousse with jam

This Mousse is made with only 2 ingredients, without gelatin and without cooking. A creamy and fluffy mousse … the perfect dessert to serve at any occasion!

To see the recipe, click here: Ice Mousse with jam

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