Jam, a sweet touch for pleasure

Jam is fruits cooked in sugar. In the traditional jam recipe, 1 kg of fruit is used for 1 kg of sugar.

>> Link to my strawberry jam recipe <<

The fruits and sugar proportions can be different from one product to another, but the end result in the pot is always the same. Whether the sugar comes from fruits or added sugar, the jam remains a very sweet product (60% to 70% of sugar). In addition, the cooking removes most of the nutritional benefits of the fruits: some fibers remain, but all vitamins are destroyed by heat.

In short, it is not necessary to look for nutritional benefits, jam does not have any. So we eat jam … because it’s good on toasts, pancakes or yogurts! It is important not to consume jam without accompaniment: side foods (e.g., bread, yogurt) will limit the glycemic peak.

A good advice: use small quantities of jam (2 to 3 teaspoons a day) to spread on bread or to flavor yoghurts.

Why not try my recipe for « fresh fruit puree »? An alternative to jam to reduce daily sugar consumption. Click here to see the recipe!

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