How to eat more fruits?

Fruits are tasty, easy to digest, give an energy boost and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Here are some tips to eat more easily if they are not already of your eating habits…

At breakfast, eat some fruits

From breakfast, it is very simple to have your daily fruit ration:

  • In pieces in cereals or yogurts
  • Mashed on bread slices                               
  • Pressed in juice

Tips: Cut 2-3 fruits in a bowl so that all family members can pick them at breakfast time. It’s not long to prepare, just think about it!

You do not like fruits: drink them!

Prepare fruit drinks:

  • Smoothies (fruits, water and possibly other ingredients)
  • Milkshakes (fruits, milk and possibly other ingredients)
  • Pressed juices (fruits)

Avoid / reduce the addition of sugar to your drinks!

Cook them

Cooking enhances the taste of the fruit and soften its flesh. With simple recipes bring pleasure to your fruits:

Keep a reserve of fruits in the freezer

It is sometimes difficult to have fresh fruit available at home all the time. Frozen foods are a good alternative to have a wide variety of foods at any time of the year: at the harvest season, do not hesitate to freeze your favorite fruits.

Discover my recipes with fruits (milkshake, smoothie, clafoutis, puree, crumble, crepe): click on this link!

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