Take Out Cold Meals

Simple and balanced meal ideas to take everywhere…

During the week, the lunch often seems to be the neglected or even forgotten meal, especially when it is taken at the workplace. Eating a nutritious lunch helps you stay more focused and productive in the afternoon. Improving the quality of this meal also helps to properly distribute your daily nutritional intake; this will prevent you from throwing yourself on the fridge when you get home and will reduce the cravings for snacks in the evening.

For a healthy diet, at lunchtime, you must:

– Make a balanced meal (¼ protein, ¼ starchy foods and ½ vegetables)

You have to adjust the portions according to your energy body needs and add a fruit / yogurt to finish your meal if you are still hungry.

– Take the time to eat mindfully

Sit down to eat, turn away from computers and cell phones and take at least 20 minutes to enjoy your meal.

Take out cold meal ideas:

Click on the dish name dish to discover the ingredients and the recipe step-by-step

Chickpea Patties & Grated Carrots with Lemon

Chicken Pasta Salad

Mexican salad

Quiche without dough « Chicken-tomato » & Dill cucumber

Tuna Spring Rolls & Invisible Cake with apples and pears

Crepes & Cold Carrots soup with orange

Basque style tuna & slice of bread

Cooked Carrot Salad with hard-boiled eggs & slice of bread

Asparagus and Ham Quiche & Fresh fruits Salad

Tabbouleh ‘à la française’

Potato cake & Tomatoes with Olive Oil

Scrambled eggs with bell peppers and corn & Slice of bread

Potato salad

Tuna bread with tomato & Cherry tomatoes

Vertical cucumber and salmon salad & Apple Bread as dessert

Tuna-stuffed tomato & Rice

Vegetables and Smoked Turkey Breast Pie

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